Thursday, 10 May 2012

Introducing House of Jonescz

House of Jonescz is basically this website I designed for interested young artists in. I noticed that many people love my art and they go like 'You should show people this shit!'. I guess there's lots of people out there who are into a lot of really deeply stuff. If you join you'll probably be one of the first members but that's cool, as long as you have some really cool stuff to share. Any form of art is alright and the idea is to get you to upload whatever way you express yourself. This is the link. .Lemme know personally if you,re down to join.

My Dubstep Pet Project.

For the last few months i've been listening to dubstep and i have no doubt that this is the next dominant sound in mainstream pop music despite in Nigeria. The ccraze about dubstep is quite stale but i never really listened to it and i thought that it definitely wont sell in Nigeria. I have compiled a few songs for those of you who are psychotic enough ro go on and listen to them. The cruise is this. In order to convince you that this is the next major shit in Nigeria, I will upload remixes to three of these songs on the first day of June. You probably feel like this is nothing to get excited over and I dont blame you, afterall you dont really know if I am any good. What you must however do is just download and listen to these songs with an open mind (That means none of that 'This is noise' bullshit). This type of music is also widely reknowned to go perfectly with maijuana so if you're a smoker it's going to be an epic jonescz!. Skrillex- All I Ask Of You Skrillex- Cinema Remix Skrillex- Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites To get a feel of the music you should probably download UKF Top 50 Rated from

The return of the Manny Enajeroh Blog

This is to inform the consuming public that the Manny Enajeroh Blog is back. I was gone for a while, and to tell the truth the posts werent all that inspiring before then either. However, the blog is back and we have some really messed up shit this time.