Monday, 9 January 2012

How To Hypnotize A Person In Instantly!

For those of you budding hypnotists who want to know how to instantly hypnotize someone in under 10 minutes, I've the steps here for you. Just 3 things to note though -- although these instructions on how to hypnotize are pretty straight-forward, firstly, do bear in mind that not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis.

 Most experts will tell you that the stronger the character, the harder that person is to "go under". The other thing to note is -- for the most part, hypnosis only works on someone who is willing to be hypnotzed. What I am trying to say is, in fact, Igbo people are less likely yo be hypnotized than Yorubas and Hausas.

 The fact that you are even considering manipulating someone means that you are probably a psycho and will end up as a serial anal-rapist or killer.

 OK with those out of the way, here are your 5 steps on how to instantly hypnotize anyone in 10 minutes --

 1. Make it conducive Dim the lights, make sure there are no distracting noises, light a few scented candles.

 2. Tell your subject to relax Aside from relaxing his or her mind and body, ask your subject to slowly breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

 3. Have him or her expel all thoughts, worries, concerns Tell your subject to add colors to each breath and assign a thought, worry or concern to that colored breath, and expel it as he or she breathes out.

 4. Have the subject fill up the space created with an imaginary liquid Now ask him or her to imagine a liquid filling him or her up from the feet slowly all the way up to the head. Tell your subject when the liquid completely fills the head, he or she will feel at ease and completely relaxed.

 5. Now you can suggest an idea, thought or action When your subject is finally in this "trance", you may suggest any desired idea, thought or action. This can be anything -- to give up smoking or a bad relationship, or develop a new attitude towards career. Typically, this involves visualizing the bad aspects of a habit, then the good results when the habit is dumped, and how the subject will feel so much better then. After allowing the subject to dwell in this "happy place", you then bring him or her back.


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