Sunday, 1 January 2012

How To Get a Girl To Sleep With You In 20 minutes!!

P.S I did not invent this... Its for real and is even considered dark arts (for those who don't watch Harry Potter, "Jazz")in certain circles. Okay, so you meet a hot girl and there's only one thing on your mind, you have to tap that bootay (no offence to girls with none). The only problem is, you are a total loser with no money and you are probably kind of ugly too. Even if you are not so bad, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of tapping that. Don't jump off that bridge yet, according to Psychologist and master seducer Derek Rake, YOU DO!!! This is through a method of seduction called FRACTIONATION and many psychologists admit that it goes a long way towards getting you laid, even if you are a total "bolo". I must state that I can't attest to the potency of this technique (Manny Enajeroh doesn't need any help getting laid *toot*toot*) and I can't guarantee that it will suceed but it has worked for a lot of people, or at least they claim it has. Whether this is down to luck, technique, or jazz, you be the judge. Fractionation is a method of controlling a woman's emotions. That is, you regulate between good and bad emotions. Psychologists claim that when there is a rapid change from good to bad emotions, it leads to some form of emotional attachment by women. So when you take a woman on an emotional rollercoaster, depending on how steep the slope is, she might associate you with good (and hopefully, HORNY!!) feelings. An illustration is this... ME: Hello attractive woman, Wat's up? Genevieve Nnaji: Hello un-attractive man whom I am repulsed by, tell me what is going on with you! Me: Well, have you ever had a friend, who makes everything seem so funny, who always listens to you, who you can let your hair down with, who would give her right arm for you without hesitation, who you can fall asleep on the sofa with, but without any sexual tension.....your bestest friend in the world? Genevieve: Abi!!! I totally know what you mean. I had one when........bla bla bla Me: I had a friend like that........ but she died in a plane crash last month, I had to go to a shrink to get over the depression.
Genevieve: *hugs* Oh you sweet, poor, poor man!! BOOM!!!!! FRaCTIONATION!!!!! The trick is, you make her associate you with the good thoughts and you exclude the bad stuff by staring intently at her when saying the good part, but looking away (adorably) during the bummer. I know, this sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever but heck, its worth a shot!! If it fails, your still a virgin either way!!! But seriously, Psychologists say that if you play your cards right, the chick will want to "bala" you within 20 minutes. Also note that this is a one time trick. Try it once and hit her with your best shot, if it doesn't work, do not try it over and over. You will look like an IDIOT!!! (For good reasons too). Try this out on the girl of your dreams and let's know how it went. P.S, do not try this on Igbo girls unless your illustration is about money, get it? you don't. Manny Enajeroh is here for you, I live to help geeks everywhere knacki apako!


  1. Lol. Guy/gal i love ya blog. Though i have to tell you that this won't work with Igbo girls. You can give it a goal with calabar girls. It is Boom!
    Christian youths warn boko haram!!

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