Friday, 30 December 2011

Top Four Weed-Smokers On The Planet

Unless you are blind or stoned, you must have noticed that the icon for this blog is a marijuana leaf. I chose this because I like to think of myself as a member of the marijuana renaissance. I'm not what you would call a "pot-head" or a "junkie" but I do joints whenever I feel like it and I roll my own blunts at least. What bothers me is the stigma attached to weed. Many belong to the "If you smoke weed, you probably sit down all day scratching your balls" school of thought. Well I am a good example, I am a law student with decent grades and perfectly sociable if I may say. The "stoner" cliche is played out and to illustrate this, here are my top 4 weed-smokers who are leaders of the new world. I'm not talking Wiz Khalifa or Bob Marley here. This list includes only the big-guns.
Sir Richard Branson , the owner of Virgin Airlines is a business tycoon who owns a plethora of ventures. He is also a confessed weed smoker an took an active part in the protests for the reform of marijuana laws in California. This eccentric bad guy is richer than most of us would ever be. He is the 235th richest man in the world. Not bad for a pot-head....
My personal favourite author, Stephen King has authored over 20 bestsellers. He has sold 500 million copies worldwide and is renowned as the king of horror fiction. He is also a open marijuana consumer and not only does he believe in its legalization, he says it should be like the cottage industry......we hear you Stephen, whatever you mean. I guess you don't write stuff like "It" and "Carrie" without getting stoned first.
Can you tell who this dashing young chap with a blunt in his hand is?............*drum roll*. No its not me, thank you, that's the president of the United States Barrack Obama. You see, way before Obama was leader of the free world he used to do joints here, there and everywhere. Who would have thought. He claims not to smoke weed anymore but Obama we both know where we were on friday *wink*wink*
"I'll be back.........and I'll bring some skunk with me". The Terminator/Governator Arnie Schwartz is actually the only one on this list who has been caught on video smoking weed. He confesses to smoking joints all the time in his youth. That didn't stop Arnie from winning the Mr Universe pageant, starring in over 12 box office topping movies and.....oh yes,......there is the little issue of him becoming the Governor of California. He was succesful in legalizing medical mary-jane during his tenure so if you want to smoke in the park, all you need is a prescription and a ticket to L.A.X. So with these few points of mine, I hope I've been able to convince you and not to confuse you that...............ah fuck it, where's my joint????!!!!!

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